Hello, world!

I'm Morgan,a full-stack software engineer based in the SF Bay Area. Below is a small selection of my past work.

About Me


  • JavaScript / React / Node / PostgreSQL

For all the nerds out there like us, my team and I made Knowted. The idea is simple: group your learning resources by topic to stay organized, while also keeping notes on each topic.

I was the tech lead on this project with 3 other engineers, and I authored major portions of the frontend code using React. I also contributed to the RESTful backend using Node.


  • JavaScript / React / Node / MongoDB

I found myself wanting a simple notetaking app that works equally well on desktop and mobile, so I made Womby. Womby automatically saves your notes to the cloud as you type. The interface is so intuitive, your grandma could probably use it.

I built this project from the ground-up using Node and React. I emphasized writing clean code, following accessibility best-practices, and creating a mobile-friendly interface.


  • Python / JavaScript / React

Finding relevant images to pair with written content is challenging, so my hackathon team and I created Lexii. Lexii helps writers find relevant, royalty-free images to pair with their writing.

Lexii uses natural language processing on the backend to extract keywords from text, and it pulls images with these keywords using the Unsplash API.

I authored the entire frontend using React and portions of the Python backend.


  • JavaScript / React / Node / PostgreSQL

Learnery is a playful flashcard app for frontend engineers. It uses a spaced-repetition algorithm to maximize your retention of the concepts you study.

I was the tech lead with one other engineer, and we built this to experiment with both spaced-repetition algorithms and playful graphic design.

I authored major portions of both the frontend with React and the backend with Node.

About Me

I am a software developer and recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara. I love web development because seeing my code come to life is supremely satisfying. I geek out by making my code as simple and elegant as possible, and I love working with other programmers who are just as passionate about the craft as I am.

When I’m not programming, you’ll likely find me reading, spending time with my family, visiting friends all over California, or cooking some unique dish that requires a mountain of ingredients. I’m always up for new experiences and look forward to what awaits me in the future.